Remote web access having trouble

The website for remote web access is

To access files remotely:

  • Follow the steps for registering a web access account.
  • In a browser, sign in to with the associated email address and password.
  • Select your device and the share to choose the file you want to access.

The above is taken from the help file, 

I am continually running out of time in BOTH those steps above !,  when typing a password, when trying it out on my computer using my email address and password.

the email address and password asked for when sending to a distant friend, is that the password that my distant friend uses to recieve emails in outlook express for the email i used to send the invitation ?.

I don’t understand your last sentence, did you enable the service on the MBL? Does it show it’s linked to W2G?

hey buddy, thanks for the reply, you will probablyfind it hard to believe, but i dont fully recall what my problem was. LOL.

But i can tell you that the person who i wanted to have a look at the contents of my MyBookLive, is using a very old version of Windows, so it wont work anyway.

Also i now understand a lot more than i did initially, the meaning of Shares and Users so i need to carry out the excercise i was trying to do above with a friend who has a more up todate Operating System !


:smiley: oh my, I’ve been there!