Remote web access can't be found

I’ve been working from home and access the WD Sentinel via the remote web access.

The first time I tried it , I got a message to the effect that it couldn’t be found. I went to the office, restarted the Sentinel and it worked fine. I was able to use it all night from home via the remote web access.

However, the next  morning, I had the same problem: can’t be found.

It appears that it’s “disconnecting” itself or something.

Can someone help?

I might figure out that it lost connections sometimes because I’ve seen that but that would only take a minute or two and the connection would be restored. 

Questions first :slight_smile:

To confirm the WD box is at “work” and you are outside the office?

Did you run the wizzard for remote access and configure a Microsoft Domain like ?

At “home” you open IE and put in the url?

What are you doing when you are disconected?  Remoteing to a desktop?  Streaming Music?  Downloading files?

Can you capture the error screen and post it?

Firstly, thank you for your reply.

Answers to your question :slight_smile:

  1. Yes, the WD is at work and I am outside of the office.

  2. Yes, I have configured the remote web access, set up the domain and can access the WD via remote web access several times.

  3. Yes

  4. I wasn’t actually disconnected while using the remote web access. I was trying to access the Sentinel and at first I got the message that it can’t be found. Then I went to the office, restart the Sentinel and went back home. Manage to Connect to the Sentinel  and I could work from home all night. Then I disconnect from the remote web access and shut down my computer at home. The next day, I tried to connect the Sentinel from home via the remote web access, I got the error message that it “can’t be found” again. 

I wouldn’t want to go to the office again just to restart the Sentinel and go back home to access it.

For now I haven’t been using the remote web access again because I’m in the office. Usually the remote web access would be utilize when there is public holiday and I need to be at home. 

So you are openning  you log in, then click on connect to computer and select the sentinel?  Then you get an error it can’t find it?

Seen this with worksations at times, but not the server.  The ip changes and is not properly updated with your local dns server.

I would set the server to a static ip outside of your dhcp scope and manually forward 443 in your router to it

But you said you worked from it all night.  All you get is the dashboard, how much work you do in the dashboard :slight_smile:

owh, no.

I was opening, I couldn’t log in. It gives me a error message that it can’t be found. 

After I restarted the Sentinel, I went back home and I could log in. And I could upload and download files via the remote web access.

but the next day, I couldn’t log in again.

Do you know if you have a public static IP at work?

I think I would suggest setting the wd box to an internal static IP outside your dhcp scope and manually configure at minimum port 443 to the server.  You may also send port 80 if you have no other web servers at work.  If you only forward 443, you will have to manually type the “s” when you connect.  HTTPS://

If you have run the remote web access wizard, you should get alerts if the website is not available.

Probably the easiest way to check all this is to install something like legmen at home.  Then from work you could log into your home box and ping and compare it to what you get at work

also at work go to and run shields up.  Make sure that port 443 shows open.  Make sure that 443 is not being used for something else at work like Exchange server or for router management like some sonicwall routers.

The reason for having to use the Micrsooft is to eliminate the need to have a Static Public IP and to assign a public host name.  Similar to DynDNS.  We need to determine where the fault is occuring.  So far from the privious posts it sounds like an internal LAN issue of some sort.  Which getting a perminant IP address would be a good idea.  So rather than changing the Sentinel to a Static (which is not a supported function) Reserve an IP in your DHCP range.  Then after getting the new IP restart your Sentinel and Rerun your RWA wizard.