Remote my cloud access slow via os x finder / mounted drive

Hello, I am having very slow reposnse times with my remotely mounted shared my clould drive after mounting with The drive seems to mount fairly quickly and shows me the top level files, but when clicking into any folder below the top level Finder takes aprox 5 to 10 minutes to populate folders and longer still to display content within these folders.

When using the “WD My Cloud Desktop for Mac” program the folders repond very quickly and no lag is experenced… tho you cant preview any image files etc with the desktop program which doesnt work for my application (accessing remote image files for design work)

this problem only occur’s when mounting the drive remotely, everything is fine when I am within my home network.

Any help with this problem would be appreciated  

Same here.

The WD MyCloud desktop app works adequate when I connect remotely.

Files and folders show up quickly. But the downside is, that it doesn’t support Quick Look, like in the OSX finder.

And some files, like Pages, show up like folders and I can’t open the application by double-clicking on it.

You have to copy it to your desktop in order to open it in Pages.

When I mount my shares remotely, via the browser (, the files show up correct. And Quick Look works.

But everything goes excruciating slow.

Uploading a 6.3 MB file to a mounted share in finder takes ONE HOUR.

In contrast: uploading a 5.5 MB file through the MyCloud dekstop app takes about 2 minutes

WHY the big difference?

I seem to have resolved the issue, I think it was to do with my connection status under Settings > Genral in the UI

On my original set up “Port forwarding connection established” automatically… tho this must have dropped at some stage as I had been receiving the “relayed connection established” or something similar message… after getting back to having the ports forwarded automatically everything seems fine… Hopefully this sicks. (rest the UPnP on my router)

Still it is weird that the files respond quickly via the wd my cloud desktop app even when ports are not forwarded correctly (with relay connection)