Remote User Login Without Access Code

I have a my cloud running in version v04.05.00-342. Currently, I am able to login using the admin password and I have configured few login users for my cloud. As seen from the instructions, whenever these users want to login, they will need an access code, and it can only be used up to 48 hours. For me, this is quite troublesome as everytime I need to be there to share the code with them. Is there a way where I can allow these users to remotely login to my cloud with their own password created, without having to key in the remote access code from me?


@crazyboyz92 Did you read all of the instructions (HELP) in the Dashboard?

Click on, tap or activate images to enlarge them.

Below is an image from my Desktop showing all my devices I have setup and connected. The code created for each device must be used within 48 hrs.

Devices I have are 1. Cell Phone, 2. Desktop, 3. Laptop, 4. Tablet

hey, thanks for the reply. Yes, i did followed all those steps before i left my question here. However, all other devices such as laptop or desktop cannot login into the mycloud using the user account i created for them… i can try to login using the code, however, after 48hours, i’ll need another code to be able to login again… did u get what I mean?

The other Users should have gotten an email telling them what they need to do to be able to use your devices and how to create an account. They have to create their account. This was yellowed in the second image #6.

Look at the User Manual, Chapter 6 and 8 for more information.