Remote user Getting notice "No Devices Available"?

Good Day All,

Ok, so Im a newbie with the WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra…
Brief explanation as to part of its use…
Im a part of a gaming group, we use the WD EX2U as a hub for us to save information for our in game sessions.
I have gone through setting up multiple users to have access. Those users have gotten access in the past without issue.

One of our users who has previously logged in tried to log in yesterday after I uploaded a new PDF for everyone to look at and he got “No Devices Available, Please notify the devices owner (or Admin user)”

The kicker is, only min before and after I was able to log in remotely without issue.
Also, another user has since logged in, again, without issue.

Why is this user getting this message? He has tried multiple times, multiple browsers and multiple machines.
I have logged in and confirmed that yes, the email and profile are correct and there.

It appears Cloud Access is hosed, so reboot the router the NAS is connected to and likely all will be fine. Rebooting router won’t hurt and it may help.

The only thing is, its working for others… Ive had a number of people log in since without issue.

So, do the reboot anyway, and have your users reboot their end of things shch as app they are using. And you reboot the NAS after router has rebooted and the users may work after that and not need a reboot on their end.

So we tried the reboots and such, no luck… Went back in, deleted the users profile, rebuilt it, he tried again and it worked… So something must of gotten messed up with his profile? …

Good news.
It may have been a combo of all events. Rebooting the router gives the NAS a new Cloud Access IP and rebooting the NAS causes it to pick up the new IP. User may have had an older IP. Doing all this got it all in sync again.

Any time router reboots. either on purpose or due to power failure the router supplies a new IP for port forwarding to the Cloud Access. and remote access is hosed. The fix is reboot router and then NAS. Another quick fix is just to turn Cloud Access off in dashboard and then back on after a few moments. I prefer the complete reboot of devices.