Remote turn on with IFTTT

Hi all, could be possible turn on my cloud home duo by leveraging on IFTTT features?
Are there any alternatives to turn it on remotely? WD app only lets you to turn it off.

Thanks a lot

No ideas? It’s impossible with My Cloud Homeboy Duo? Interesting product by WD then…

@luca_crippa88 IFTTT is not a WD Product.
You do know that you can create your own IFTTT Applet? Perhaps your applet is useful for others as well

Hi, yes of course I know that IFTTT is not a WD product. The problem is that I do not think it is possible to trigger remote turn on and remote turn off of My Cloud Home Duo with an IFTTT applet or some other kind of technology… It seems that one must be near the product to physically press the button! Am I right?