Remote Time Machine Backup


I just setup the WD My Cloud and can’t seem to figure out how to do a remote Time Machine backup.

I have Time Machine enabled and can perform local Time Machine backups to My Cloud from within the network. Once I am on an outside, different network, I successfully mount the TimeMachineBackup share through my browser. I can see the shared mounted in the Finder. Once I click on “Back Up Now”, I get an erro message that the Backup Disk is not available.

My questions: Can WD My Cloud be used for remote Time Machine backups? If so, how do I troubleshoot it?



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I can’t even get a successful local backup to happen. Good luck with all that sir :slight_smile:

You can’t do a remote TM backup with WD’s approach. Their encryption doesn’t work well with applications that need bit-by-bit reads/writes as it’s not real time.

WD’s documentation seems to imply otherwise.

I can see the MyCloud drive from my remote Mac, but Time Machine does not offer one of these disks as an option and I have Apple looking in to it.

If it’s not possible to do remote TM backups with MyCloud, it has little use for me.

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