Remote, submit commands?


I wonder:


Can’t figure what’s its purpose.

Can anyone explain it to me? And to give me some examples if possible?


I can’t see your image until the moderators approve, but I assume you’re talking abotu the Web Remote or the WDTV iOS remote.

That text box is so you can type text and then submit it into a text box on the WDTV.

Useful when typing usernames, passwords, etc.

Aha, yes i suspected the same [after i opened the topic].

So there is no commands that can be typed and given directly to the player to be executed,

but it just works like keyboard extensions? 

Yes, that’s pretty much it.

Ok, thank you :slight_smile:

Think its named wrongly in such case, it should be named “submit text” :slight_smile:

As current is cause confusion, and start wonder what kind of commands can be passed to the player,

like “play”, “stop”, “forward” or something else :slight_smile: