Remote search application for MyCloud

I suggest to develop a remote search option to access and search in the MyCloud databas in order to prvide access all over the world. Preferably a ‘portable’ app!!!

You need to go back to the WD Community home page and place this under Cloud Ideas!

What device do you use when away from your My Cloud? There is already the Desktop app, Mobile App and Photo App. You can also sign in to your My account.

Thanks much for yr qiuck response! To answer your question: When I visit my friends or relatives I sometimes help them with computer problems. I have a database with tools on MyCloud for that purpose. So I would like to access that database from "anywhere’ by their PC. If that is not possible, you mention a mobile app. That may offer a work around. But does that app have a search option? And where can I download that app/ what is it’s name?

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You should be able to sign in to your account using their computer and look at your database.

For apps and software use this link.

You may want to read through the User Manual too which can be downloaded from the link given above.

As for a search option on the mobile app, no there is not one. I am not sure what you would want to search for, for myself I know where everthing is on my My Cloud that I have backed up.

Again thank you very much for your helpful comments. I still would like to give an example of how I wished to use MyCloud when I am away from home. For example if I need to retrieve an mp3 Song out of thousands of mp3 files that I have stored…

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Retrieve the MP3 song with what? A computer? A mobile device?

The WD My Cloud app for Android allows for searching of files (by their file name) remotely.

My apologies for letting you in the dark about the remote device. I would like to use anybody’s Windows desktop PC for retrieving… I’m afraid there is no solution for my problem! However if you have suggestions or work arounds I would be obliged. Thank you.

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If you have an older first generation My Cloud which runs the v4.x firmware you could use SSH to install the CloudDAVMod app to the My Cloud. This app IS NOT supported in any way by WD. One uses this app at their own risk. This app is not currently supported on the newer second generation v2.x My Clouds. From the web interface one can navigate to a folder and search that folder and its contents (including subfolders). One can play certain media files from within the web interface.

Hi Bennor,

Sorry for my ignorance but this is new to me. What is SSH? And I’m confuse: you write about OLDER version and refer to it as v4.x and to new second generation as v2.x. To me it looks the ther way around…

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Any sane person would think that, yes. But WD’s firmware development and naming strategy isn’t particularly sane…

SSH: Secure Shell. Google will help. As will a search of these forums and the WD KnowledgeBase.

[quote=“HENRY_WIENTJES, post:9, topic:180574, full:true”]
Sorry for my ignorance but this is new to me. What is SSH? And I’m confuse: you write about OLDER version and refer to it as v4.x and to new second generation as v2.x. To me it looks the ther way around…[/quote]
SSH stands for Secure Shell. Do an internet search for more information. Generally (on Windows) people will use Putty ( to access the SSH of the My Cloud. The following link explains how to activate SSH on the My Cloud.

Using SSH, if one doesn’t know what their doing, has the potential of rendering one’s My Cloud unusable. When using SSH one is accessing the My Cloud at the firmware level where one can edit/modify/delete firmware elements if they are not careful. Again perform an internet search for how to use SSH command line before attempting to use it.

WD currently has two different versions of the single bay My Cloud. Each version uses slightly different hardware. The initial version which runs v3.x/v4.x firmware. And the newer version released last year which uses v2.x firmware. The firmware numbering is stupid because it goes against common naming conventions and has caused much confusion with users as you experienced. One cannot update the older first generation My Clouds to use the newer second generation My Cloud’s v2.x firmware.

@HENRY_WIENTJES See this link for more on SSH.