Remote range?

I just bought a HD Live TV from Micro Center. My remote only works if I have it about 6 inches away from the unit. I’ve bought brand new batteries and still the same thing… Has anyone heard of this before?

Either you have a defective unit, or there’s some other problem. It’s possible that there’s some reflections on one of the surfaces near the WDTV, try putting it somewhere else to check if it works better. Or maybe there is an intense light near the sensor, like a lamp or window. If so, try to switch it off/pull down the shades.


I am having same problem. Remote is not  working if  It is 1 meters  away from the device. I went to the store . They checked And saw the same problem. My device has been replaced with new one but it is still same… I  have already opened Case for this… I do not know the problem still waiting for WD’s  response for my  question. I will also inform them replacement is not working. I hope that it is not about some series problem.



■■■■! I just did this too. Went to Micro Center and they took it in and gave me a new one, and same thing lol.

man, I’m sorry but this is unacceptable lol. WD better send me a working replacment remote for free or something…

Remote Troubleshooting:

1>   Some Compact Fluorescent lamps will interfere with remotes.  Try turning off ALL your lights in the area.

2>   Sunlight shining on or near the receiver can interfere with remotes.

3>   OTHER remotes (like the one stuck between two couch pillows) may be constantly transmitting, interfering with some remotes.

4>   Some LCD TVs might interfere with remotes.    It’s the Cold-Cathode illumination that does it.   You can google on this and find instructions for remedying this problem.

Imaulle wrote:

man, I’m sorry but this is unacceptable lol. WD better send me a working replacment remote for free or something…

can’t see that happening, especially if you DEMAND it.

trouble shoot it.  reboot machine, change batteries etc.

mine works from across the room, sideways from unit, no problems.

I just got my unit a few days ago and I am also having a problem with the remote.  It only works if it is about six inches or less from the unit.  I called WD and they are sending me a new remote.  Unfortunately - I am pretty confident at this point that the remote is not the problem.  I bought a Harmony remote and the codes for the WD Live are included with their software.  That remote does not work either.  I also borrowed a remote from a friend that has a working unit and that does not solve the problem.  Finally, I followed the advice below regarding the lighting and cold cathode light…  no change.

I believe the the problem is in the unit’s IR sensor.  I have seen some information in different forums indicating that this is an ongoing problem with the WD HD products.  It seems as though the remote and IR functionality are the biggest drawbacks of this product line.  Perhaps with time they will update to a QWERTY remote and fix the IR sensitivity issues.  If they would do that and add Netflix streaming they would put the smackdown on the rest of the market. 

Please let me know if you found some other fix for your remote problem.  I am very interested in resolving this issue without having to return the unit.

Thanks for the advice.  I tried all of your recommendations but the problem persists.  Let me know if you know of anything else I should try before returning the unit. 

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