Remote problem


I’m using my WD TV HD player for nearly 10 month without any problem.

After 2 months without using it the remote control doesn’t work any more.

I get the normal screen on the TV showing the video menu, but its impossible to move through the menu.

I change first the batteries of the remote, then unplug plug again, do a reset with the reset push button, unplug and plug again. Move to the other USB port, repeat the same. No change. It’s impossible to get any menu.

Thank you for your help.


Buy a new remote from WD or any universal remote like Logitech.

Easy method to check your remote with any digital camera or cell phone with camera, point the remote at the camera lens press any button, you will see a blue light in the lcd display.

I don’t think we should buy another remote if we just brought this and this happens in less than a year.  I would call Wd up and ask dor a free replacement.  that’s my intent.  I have the same problem and my player and remote is less than 3 months old.  I tried the same things you did to no avail.


I have contact WD for that problem. My material was on year old with a 2 year garantee.

No problem between my request and the remote replacement it  took  1 month, the remote is coming from New Zealand and I’m living in France.

So don’t hesite to contact WD service and fill the form for registring your material.

I hope it’s help you.