Remote Power Button Closes my TV

Hi Everyone,

I do have the WD TV Live Steaming and it’s amazing how I like this little piece of hardware. However, I do have a problem. I do have a Panasonic Plasma TV and the Power Button to Power Toggle the power of the WD TV Live appears to be the exact same IR code than powering off the TV. I do have an Harmony One so If I’m playing a movie and want to switch to the Cable, it switches off the streaming device and the TV.

I tried to set the Harmony setup to let the WD TV Live on but then if I power off everything, sending the power off signal to the TV will power toggle the TV Live to off and when I try to open everything, it thinks the TV Live is still up and does not power it up. Please note that it’s not a problem only related to the Harmony remote because if I’m using the orignal WD remote, it does the same thing (Power button will lose the TV). 

I’m wondering if it’s possible to change the power toggle infrared code on the device or to configure a power off and power IR code.

It’s not a big problem since I know what the problem is and what to do in those situations but if it would be possible to solve the problem, that would be great.

Thank you


I’m guessing that the issue is that you actually have CEC enabled under your WD’s HDMI settings.

I’m not home right now but you might be right. I know I checked the configuration some time ago and I might have changed this option. I’ll keep you posted.



That was the problem. Thank you very much for your help.