Remote PC Connectivity

Can you access My Book Live Duo remotely without having to go through the login process of As an example, I recently installed the iPad app which allows direct access to My Book Duo after putting in an activation code once. I would like to do the same thing so I can map a network drive automotically. - Thanks (my apologies if this has been asked/answered before or if this is a feature I missed on a new software rev) - Chuck

Once the you map the My Book on your computer through the wd2go website, you should not have to do it again. 

I understand what you are saying, but that is not my question. On an iPad I only need to tap WD2go twice and I’m logged in. On my PC I have to login to, then login to my device, then wait for the unverified certificate screen to accept that, then select a share before getting my mapping. This needs to be simpler so I can have a persistent mapping each time start up my laptop! The certificate needs to be registered with Microsoft and credentials cached. IMHO. The authentication code method used by mobile devices should suffice for a laptop.

After establishing the remote connection the first time, as long as your My Book Live Duo and the PC remains ON, the mapped folder should stay active. You might be interested in making the suggestion for a dedicated program to facilitate the connection in the ideas section.

I have the same question, and before someone reposts about mapping the drive on an Internal Network  i.e. 192.168.1. X; this is not what we are asking. We want to know how to map the drive from an External Network without the use of the wd 2go website_ _i.e. https://yourwanipaddress//drivename/share. Only I have tried that and the browser displays a page cannot be displayed error. Someone that knows what I am talking about, little help please?