Remote no Response - No Access & Control


I have a western digital live with latest firmware, my problem is that I can turn on and navigate using the remote but after a few minutes or once a start playing a file the remote has no control !!! Thus I cannot stop, pause any file – the remote becomes completely dead. If I pull the power plug and restart the western digital & remote becomes active again for a few minutes.

I tried new batteries in remote, update the firmware and done reset setting to default via the menu, I also done a cold boot reset via the small hole and a pin.

What is happening I have not got a clue? What have I done?

Many thanks

Try covering the IR receiver and the remote with something like a towel and see if the remote works then (So this would rule out any IR interference in the same room.)

Hi thanks tried solution cover it with towel still nothing via remote when playing file !!

I.e stop etc

Really confused

Many thanks