Remote mobile access

  Hello, newbie here. My wife & I both have the WD2go app on our android phones, but only she can connect to our MyBook Live Duo through the 3G phone network. When I try, I get ‘User does not have permission:403’. I can do it if I get an activation code, but that’s only a temporary measure. I can connect easily enough through my phone’s wi fi. What’s going on, is there a limit of one user or what? Help please, I’m going crazy trying to find an answer.

Why do you say an activation code is a temporary measure.  Are you saying that after using the code you can connect for some short period of time,and then the 403’s start again?

Thanks for the reply, Tony. Yes, that’s what I’m saying. An activation code got me access for a day, but next day the 403 message appeared again. We never had to use an activation code for my wife’s phone.

Put this one in the ‘too hard’ basket, then . . . nobody has any ideas?