Remote keypress results in multiple repeated actions

Almost every single time I press an arrow key on the remote control to move around in menus or the icons, instead of moving only one position each time, it moves a random number of positions between 0 and 5. It makes trying to access a particular icon or menu item like playing Bingo. If I’m on the 2nd icon and I want to move to the 3rd, I’ll press the right arrow once, and then the yellow highlight will flicker onto the 3rd, then the 4th, then back around to the 1st, then the 2nd and I’m there like “come on 3, you can do it”. It takes about 10 times the time it should take to reach anything because you over or undershoot so many times.

I’ve checked for interference and there’s nothing. I’ve tried putting my hand in front of the remote immediately after pressing the arrow key (to ensure it’s not the remote sending the multiple presses) and it makes no difference. Some of those extra presses happen after I’ve put my hand there. It’s like it’s the player itself, not the remote.

Is there anything I can do other than (a) throw this thing in a box and leave it to rot, (2) send it back. It’s unusable as it is. I’m off to find out about this alleged android app. I don’t really want to control it by my phone/tablet, but I can live with it.

i’ll be honest, i have no idea what the problem is … my WDTV Media Player and Remote works fine.

Dunno, maybe try a plugging in a USB Keyboard and see if it does the same thing ?

or even via the WEB UI  or the Android App.

If all the above work ok, then i guess it could be the remote ? … but, you need to test the other ways, before confirming that. 

(ps. no-one else in the house possibly playing a prank on you ? … because what you describe, is Very Odd Behaviour)

It seems to have calmed down now, despite having done nothing. It couldn’t have been anyone pranking (really, not possible). I’m hoping it was a one-off and I won’t see the same thing come back. I’ll report back.

Thought I’d come back to complete this thread, now that I know what the problem was.

It was interference from other devices. I another set-top-box (an Android box), a HDMI->RCA adaptor, a RF audio transmitter (for cordless headphones) and some coiled up (because they were too long) power and video cables. To make all of that worse, they were all sitting (along with the TV) on top of a metal cabinet rather than the wooden one they’re now sitting on. It seems that somehow that interference didn’t affect the box in any other way, it just made it go a bit crazy when it received an arrow-keypress from the remote. Instead of just moving one position in any menu, it would move multiple times and sometimes keep going forever.

I resolved it by placing a half-inch plank of wood on top of the metal cabinet, removing the unnecessary cabling to a further away position, and making sure the WD box has some breathing space from other potential interference sources. Since then it’s been perfect.

Hopefully that helps someone in the same situation one day.

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