Remote in with Windows 8.1 Error 404

We have a WD Sentinel DX4000 in the office.  I remote in from home just fine with my laptop with XP.  Just purchased a new notebook with Windows 8.1 and I am getting Error 404 when I try to connect.  It lets me attempt the login and the dashboard flashes for a second and the error pops up.  Not sure if it is a setting in my notebook or the Sentinel.

Must be done from desktop IE not modern

Add it to trusted sites and run in compatable mode

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Thank you Gramps!  Have been reading some of your responses and hoped you’d see my post.  I didn’t even know I had a desktop ie option.  MUCH easier to navigate since I am new to Windows 8.  And I am now able to remote in.  Thanks again!

Then you really will like this link LOL

Thanks, Have a Great Day

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