Remote download very slow


i have found several topics regarding this problem, but no solution was provided.

The My Book Live is behind a router, ssh is enabled, port forwarding etc. works. But the downloading a file over the internet is very slow. A STB is connected to the same router and the My Book is mounted using CIFS. Download a file over the internet using the STB leads to expected speed.


Port 22 forwarded to My Book: scp @: / 

–>  10-20 kB/s download speed

Port 22 forwarded to STB:        scp @:/ 

–> ~100 kB/s download speed

So, loading directly from My Book is slow; loading from STB which loads My Book over LAN is ok.

100 kB/s is the upload I would expect for my dsl connection.

So the problem is definitly some configuration of the My Book OS. Newest firmware is installed.

I get the same slow speed using ftp, sftp and the My Book “Webserver and Accessbook”.

Is there any solution regarding this problem?

Thanks for your help,


My fault. First firmware update did not update to newest version.

Works fine with latest firmware.