Remote copy/paste always fail

I cannot send to mybookliveduo 4tb my files vi wd2go.

Someone know why my files stops sending after 1 second?

Thank you.

For this you will need to use WD2Go Pro.

What are you talking about??

With wd2go i can connect to a folder in mybookliveduo and i see it like a windows folder.

Are you saying that i cannot paste files inside the folder??

Vadir is referring to the WD 2Go IPHONE / ANDROID app.

However, what you’re referring to is the PC client.

And yes, it does support pasting files.  I just did it from work to my MBL Duo at home … no problem.

But keep in mind, that the file SIZE is important.   Part of the Windows Security policy restricts the file sizes, and that size is determined by the security policy.