Remote Control

The remote does not have a “jump forward/backward 30 second” function (right/left arrow keys). This most annoying when skipping through adverts on recorded TV. Every remote I have had has the ability of a 30 second skip using the right/left arrow keys. But NOT the WD remote. Added the WD remote functions to my Harmony 650, works well. EXCEPT the jump/skip function.

The fast forward/rewind seems sluggish, at x4 slows down to a crawl. x6 it comes to a dead stop over the wired WD mycloud NAS.

Would like to see:

  1. a back light on the remote.
  2. more memory would reduce the sluggish fast forward/rewind.
  3. a “jump forward/backward 30 second” function (right/left arrow keys)
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Thank you very much for sharing your idea.

The WD TV have the ability to skip 10 minutes if you press the fast forward and then the Next button, it has also the ability to jump to a desire time.

duplicate post = duplicate answer

From way back in 2011

and even further back 2009

would assume after nearly 6 years … of nothing, that WD are’nt gonna add it :neutral_face: