Remote Control Stoped working

For some reason the remote control for my WDTV Live Plus and WDTV Live Hub are no longer woking.  I tried doing a reset and still no luck.  Not sure if it was from a software update done overnight or not.  They worked fine last night on both devices but today they no longer work.

Any help would be appreciated…


Have you got two remotes?

Don’t they work with either players?

Do you have another remote in the room which may be stuck on?

Have you tried changing the batteries?

Is sunlight shining on the player?

I have the following WD Live Players.


WDTV Live (Second Edition)

I have the new WDTV remote and 2 of the older style remotes.

The remotes do not work with any of the WDTV boxes.  The worked fine 2 nights ago than yesterday none of the remotes worked.  If it was just 1 remote and 1 box than I would guess to say it might be  problem with the remote but none of the remotes work on either of the WDTV boxes.