Remote control response time

Sometimes the response to the remote control is slow, especially on the Home screen menu, switching between video, music, photos, files, etc. Sometimes a video file takes 10-30 seconds to open. Check the Connection results and Network signal strength are good. Remote batteries are charged. Any ideas? Thanks.

try plugging a usb keyboard in and see if the navigation speed is the same (use the arrow keys)

if it is still sluggish … then you can rule out the remote control as the problem

(the only 2 causes of slowdown that i know is … large resolution thumbnails (but that should’nt effect the home menu) … the second cause is setting the wdtv for 24hz (in the video setup menu) 24hz will slow down navigation … a lot)

Is there a way to change/reduce thumbnail resolution? How do I determine/adjust the 24 hz setting? I do not see anything under Video Settings. Thanks for the suggestions.

OK-I think I found it under HDMI, Video Resolution. It was set to Auto. How do I know what was Automatically selected? Is it better to manual set? If so, to what level? thank you

Its the remote, mostly. The box is slow at times but my original remote gathers dust and I use my Harmony 700 instead as it is faster.