Remote Control of WD Live MP from Sony A/V Receiver R/C

Hi there, I’m a newbie so forgive me if I do anything I’m not supposed to or am covering ground aleady covered by others.

I have just bought a Sony STRDN 1040 A/V Receiver and am looking to programme other equipment with the supplied remote. The Sky box, DVD recorder, and TV are all ok, but I also have a Western Digital Live Media Player that I would like to be able to switch on and off with the Sony A/V Remote control. Is this possible please?
I have received a rather unhelpful reply from Sony telling me to contact WD direct- so here I am. Any suggestions from anybody would be very welcome.Thanks in advance,Barry Forster.

Is your Sony’s remote a “Learning” remote, where you can teach it the IR codes from the WD Remote?

If not, the only other suggestion I can offer is to check to see if your Sony and WD work together with HDMI CEC.

Hi Tony, many thanks for your reply.

Nothing in the manual about ‘learning’ - as I’m a bit of a div re techy stuff, could you explain in fairly simple language what you mean by ‘your Sony and WD work together with HDMI CEC.’ please?

Thanks once again,