Remote connection to my WD Cloud from my Samsung smartphone

Cannot connect to my WDCloud on remote mode  by using my samsung S4 smartphone.

Several messages appear : “The Java plugin is not available for download using the browser on this device”

or “Message Error 904”

Can someone help ?


Welcome to the Community.

JAVA (Required for remote web access) is not supported on mobile web browsers and some desktop operating systems. On an Android device, use the WD My Cloud app instead.


But even if using WD My Cloud apps and by using 4G, can still not access.

Error message appearing : WD My Cloud : Impossible to connect (904)

Can you access the device on WiFi? Some mobile carriers may not allow a remote connection over your data plan.

For app use I take it you have your phone setup. See image below. My Samsung Galaxy S4 works fine on both wi-fi and 4G using the apps. I have Straight Talk, AT&T.

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cat0w (USA)