Remote Backups

Ok, I’ve been having fun with the EX2s! So, I have dual EX2s running, one is my production server, the other a remote backup server. I’ve configured remote backups, and that is working fine (on my LAN). Now, I want to move the remote unit to an outside location.

Can I modify the IP address for my backups? Or, do I have to recreate the jobs and start over? I’ve configured the jobs to sync, not copy. So, if I have to recreate the jobs, will the EX2s start over, or continue where the backup jobs left off? I don’t want to sync large files over the wire…

Hello, you will need to create a new job, however if you select the same destination folder on the destination drive, then it should continue from where it left of.

Perfect. That is exactly what I need to do. I’m telling you, these My Clouds are very good.

Perfect!! Thank you very much!

Not a problem, remember to mark the post that helped you as a solution, so if any other user is having the same questions they will be able to find out real quick.