Remote BackUps PR4100 OS5

I have a remote backup process set up and running between two PR 4100s. The Source is Local, the Backup destination is in another state.

I would like to change the default backup port to something different, for security reasons.

I see where I can change it on the destination machine, no problem I can change it and it appears to be open. However, I see nowhere to enter that information in the source machine so that it is sending it to the proper port at the destination.

Anyone ever successfully done this?


The two ports need to open are 22 (SSH) and 873 (Remote Backups). Further, Port Forwarding for Remote Backup is configured only through the destination WD My Cloud device’s dashboard.

Please reread the original message: I want to change the port. It is easy enough on the destination machine, but how do I tell the source machine which port to send it to?