Remote backup with key-pair

I was able to successfully back up my EX2 Ultra to my PR4100 at a different location, however, this seems like a big security risk.

I don’t mind opening the standard ports (22 for ssh and 873 for rsync), but I want to be able to use an authentication key-pair instead of a password.

Other desireables: a way to ssh to a non-standard port, and a way to change the ssh username.

I want to set this up to run weekly, but I cannot expose port 22 with the default username and leave a typeable password as the only line of defense.

Hi @texasrebel,

Please refer to the article How to Access a My Cloud Using SSH (Secure Shell):

@Keerti_01, I’m sorry, but this does not address my question.

I have no problem logging into the shell, but with the login setup I fear anyone who finds my open port 22 will just have to guess a password to do the same.

Is there a way to set up key-pair authentication and change the username?


Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

I’ve submitted a question, although I don’t really know that it fits the definition of troubleshooting. It’s more of a “feature request”.