Remote backup WD My Cloud


I would like to backup NAS WD My Cloud 3TB to another NAS(of the same type) at different location. What settings are required on these two NASes?

On backup target NAS, I have set up cloud access using My Cloud account. Do I need to set up SSH access? Do I need to add some settings to router?

I am posting picture with settings at backup source NAS. What should be entered to these fields? What password is to be entered to 4th field?

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Hello maskrtnik01,

You can follow the instructions mentioned in the below link to edit the settings for your My cloud device to perform a Remote backup. However, In order to configure settings for your other NAS device to accept the remote backup you would need to contact the original device manufacturer:

Thank you for reply.
Unfortunately, that looks very complicated for me. I was hoping that I will setup this in a while, using your cloud service. I will look for some alternative setup that will fit my needs.

The other NAS manufacturer is WD…

Officially, the ability to backup from one My Cloud to another will depend on the My Cloud model and the firmware it is running. Currently the second generation single bay My Cloud units running V2.x firmware DO NOT support being a backup target for another My Cloud. See the following WD Knowledgebase article that indicates which My Cloud units support being a backup target for another My Cloud device.

Unofficially it may be possible to use SSH to issue a Rsync command to copy data from one My Cloud to another. Or it may be possible to use FTP which is insecure to copy data from one My Cloud to another. Another potential unofficial option is using GoodSync.

You can enable remote backup feature through removing the visible:none on Settings pane. Functionality of remote backup isn’t removed on single bay drives but just hid by Western Digital.