Remote Backup Size Requirements

Hello, I would like to have a second WD Ex4 for a remote backup plan.  For example, I’d like to remotely backup the Ex4 at my small business to an off-site Ex4 (most likely in my home office).  The Ex4 at my office is a 16TB (RAID 5).  We are not using all of the available space. 

Is there any requirement that the remote Ex4 be the same size and RAID configuration (16TB RAID5)?  Or can the remote off site drive be any size and configuration (so long as the size is big enough for the backup size)? 

The reason I ask is because I’m unlikely to spend another $1k for a home drive.  I’d prefer to buy the minimum required for the current backup needs and then expand the remote drive as I go.

What are your thougths please?  Thanks.

Hi OpusKV626, welcome to the WD Community. They don’t need to have the same capacity, as long as you have available space you can do the remote backup. For more information check page 55 of the manual.

Thanks for your reply.  Of course that makes perfect sense - but believe it or not a few people have told me that both the remote and local drives have to match size and configuration.  I thought I’d double check here on the forum.  Thanks again.