Remote backup issues help!

hi! I recently purchased a 4T WD My Cloud which I am looking to utilize solely for work purposes. I am hoping to back up my work devices in the office to the My Cloud which will be located at my house. I also really want to limit the amount of WD Software/Logins I’ll be utilizing - I really prefer to do it manually where I know I’ll have a little more privacy. I’ve read up as much as I can on the device and its capabilities but can’t quite figure it out. I’m running Windows 7, looking to have remote backups to the WD My Cloud on a scheduled automatic basis. Can anyone direct me to some sources/guidelines of where I can begin?

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Officially one cannot a computer to a single bay My Cloud located at a remote location using WD software. At best one could “sync” folders from a their computer to a remote My Cloud. Or one could use FTP. Smartware, the included backup software with the My Cloud, is local network only for backup to the My Cloud. One can read the Smartware User Manual ( to see how Smartware works.

There used to be a way using remote mapping through the web portal but that remote mapping option was removed when WD released the OS 3 firmware and changed to

Unofficially there are several ways, some may involve using SSH to setup a remote backup method. Another is to use a VPN tunnel. One way is to install the WebDAVMod and map the remote My Cloud. From there one can use backup software to backup to the mapped Share on the remote My Cloud.

Other methods are discussed in other threads where a similar question was asked. Here are just a few of those posts/threads: