Remote Backup Folder Does Not Show in Windows Explorer

I created a new backup folder for my iPhone pics in the Shared directory >> WDMyCloud-6TB\Public\Shared\Pictures\wjh … I can view all the pics from the WD Photos app on my phone … but when I drill down to WDMyCloud-6TB\Public\Shared\Pictures using Windows Explorer on my PC … the wjh folder is not there

what was used to create the Pictures folder? Does it have a . (dot) in front of the folder name?

I actually created the folder using the WD MyCloud app while setting up backups for my photos. I’ve found that if I open on my PC I can see the folder. I think my issue with Windows Explorer is that I’m not looking at root of the NAS drive … Instead I’m looking at ‘Warner(\WDMYCLOUD-6TB <file:///\WDMYCLOUD-6TB> ) (Y:). I’m not sure how I can drill down to root of the share.



Here’s iPhone 6s auto backup path.
I create a new Month and reset the path to keep things organized

\PR2100\Public\Shared Pictures\2017 Pictures\March
\PR2100\Public\Shared Pictures\2017 Pictures\April
\PR2100\Public\Shared Pictures\2017 Pictures\May

The Y: would be a mapped drive so you may not have mapped the Public Share

I did not map the Public share and I suspect that is my issue. Thanks for the info.