Remote auto scrolls


I got my TV Live hub about a month ago and everything has worked fine, except the remote control…When I try to navigate to a file for playback on the internal drive it starts to scroll by itself (for example, I press right one tine and it just gets stuck scrolling all the files from right to left). It just keeps scrolling until I hit the back button. This happens almost everytime I press the directional buttons to navigate and its getting absurd. I have to try atleast 10 times before I can playback the file I want.

Any suggestions of what to do?


You could try a reset. Press the paperclip button on the underside of the hub for 1 second and then release with the hub fully booted up.

Of course it could be something to do with your remote. What happens if you put the remote in your pocket when the scrolling starts?

thx for your answer! I tried to block the signal from the remote after i pressed the button and it didnt help (it kept scrolling). And I tried a reset. So i tried using a Logitech multi remote, and same problem, it just keeps scrolling. So maybe its something wrong with the wd tv live hub itself?