Remote App should support Kindle Fire

I want to suggest an update to the android remote app that provides support for the Kindle Fire. I have two WD TV Lives. An old iPod touch that cannot be upgraded to IOS4 so it can’t run the remote app (maybe address this too) and a Kindle Fire. I would love to be able to use the remote app. Are there any plans to support the fastest growing android tablet out there?

P.S. We need Amazon Instant Video Support too!

well… you can suggest this but since the Kindle fire does not have a regular release of android I don’t thinks is going to be any time soon.

the app is supported on Android 2.1 and above.

The latest iPod touch does support the application

Moreover, this sounds more like an idea.  You should look in the Idea Exchange for this forum and see if the idea is not already there.  If it is, you can vote on it.  If it isn’t, you can post this as an idea.