Remote accessing the mycloud dashboard settings

currently you can only make changes to mycloud dashboard setting when you are in your own network.

i want to be able to access settings while i’m not home.

things like reboot, creating folders and access rights, etc…


I am able to access the MBL web interface remotely. There is an easy way to do it.  Simply set up a OpenVPN server on the MBL and then connect to the MBL OpenVPN server from a remote PC. The OpenVPN server will assign you a local network IP address and thus allow you to access the MBL web interface.  This method is very secure since it can only be accessed with a VPN.

This idea has already been suggested.



@ wdlivw 76: Could you please explain that about installing an OpenVNC on MBL? What is MBL? How do you go about that?

I have lots of problems trying to access my WD Cloud remotely, and I don’t want to go via the network of anyway, but I want direct access for management and file transferring.

So please could you help me with this?If that is not of interest here, please directly at johann-w(at)vonkrause(dot)de