Remote access

Hi all,

I have the new mycloud drive and wanted to offer a friend  remote access to a particular folder in the drive. I am struggling to go on about it, pls help


Create a user for your friend using the My Cloud interface. Select which non-public shares your friend would have access to, and give him/her read or read/write rights on these shares.

Then go to the cloud access tab, and enable cloud access for that friend. This will send him/her an email to sign up for a website username and password. At that point, he/she will see your device, the accessible shares and might have to enter the password for the device user you have set up before accessin gthe content.

Thanks so much

How can I enable access to only a specified folder…

I dont want the user I am granting access to view certain files in Smartware folder…just one folder is all I want them to have access to


Then make sure that you disable public access to the smartware share folder from the Dashboard, you can set public or private access for each share and you can specify which user has access to what share.

sorry, I meant if I only want them to access only one file in my smartware folder (i have series of personal files in there)

I dont believe you can do that, you will probaly need to move that file or make a copy of it and place it inside a share your friend has access to, you cannot give access to one file while denying access to the other files inside the share, not unless you do some crazy setup with unix permissions much less with this device, I might be wrong though.

thanks guys … that helps