Remote Access

I am having remote access problems.  I use WD2go and WDPhotos.  Here’s the deal –

Between my wife and I we have 2 laptops, 2 desktop PC’s, an iPad1 and 2iPhone5’s.

WDPhotos works just fine.  It is a bit slow for transferring shared files, but the photos can eventually be shared.

WD2go seldom works on the iPad or the iPhone5s.  Mostly I get a Device Offline popup telling me that only local files are available.  I know that the Device is NOT offline because I can access WD2go from my desktop with no problems.

What’s up with WD2go and the Apple Products?

Is this a system problem, or what?

Glynn Shaw

Hello, try uninstalling the WD2go app from the iPad/iPhone and then reinstall it. Also be sure to have the latest My Book Live firmware installed. Check the link below for the steps. 

How to update the firmware on a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo