Remote access

i have  "MY BOOK LIVE,   when i click my “remote setting” i do not see CONFIGURATION?? i only see WD photo and MioNet. I need an activation code…where can i find CONFIGURATION ??      I need some help PLS!


Mionet and WD Photos are the applications that allow you to access the drive remotely.

What are you trying to do?

If you plan on accessing your drive from your Apple or Android mobile than you can update the firmware to use WD 2 Go. It will also allow you to access from your computer. 

If you were using Mionet before ( which I doubt ) then you can just access your mionet account and register the MBL.

I’m having the same problem. I registerd with mionet. and i downloaded the app for my iPad. but i need an activation code to connect for my iPad. I am under the settings>Remote Access, but the only two menus are (WD PHOTOS) and (MioNet) 

This one you had to RFM (Read the Freaking Manuel) needed a firmware update before you could get a code.  Problem solved 5hrs later X . X