Remote Access Vulnerability

Is my MyCloud EX2 Ultra at risk of this hack? Will there be a patch soon? What should I do until then?

I found a similar article here WD’s My Cloud NAS Drives Have Been Vulnerable Since 2017

WD’s complete total lack of updates for the EX2 and EX4 are the reason I know longer use their NAS products. My EX2 is sitting on a shelf gathering dust…

My advice is, if you need network attached storage that includes both local and remote access to your data then you need to spend a little more money and purchase from Asustor, QNAP, or Synology. (Listed in order of my preference) WD does not stay on top of security threats that make your data vulnerable to unauthorized access. If they took security seriously they would update firmware in a more timely fashion, a year later is NOT timely. WD makes great hard drives, just buy the hard drive from WD, buy the NAS to install it in elsewhere.