Remote access via wd2go

Hi, I just bought a new MyCloud Mirror, 6TB. I have an issue with seeing my shares through

I set up my email for remote access via the dashboard. I received an email granting me access. Now, when I go to wd2go, I can log in fine. No issues there. Once I log in, I see my device (I have only one). The device has a square box around it and within that square box, there is a button on bottom right. I click on that button and I see 2 options. The first is “View Shares” and the second is “Remove Device”. When I click on “View Shares”, it takes me to "". That page lists a few pointers on how to access my shares (Note, I am still logged in). There is a button on the bottom that says “Get apps”. Once I click on that, it kicks me back to the site that lists all the WD apps.

I can view my shares remotely with IPhone app as well as through the MyCloud mirror desktop app.

I contacted support and they told me that MyCloud mirror product DOES NOT ALLOW access to shares through the wd2go site. and I will be required to use their cloud app on remote computers. I am looking at the help pages on WD site and it clearly states that I should be able to do that.

(At first, they blamed the browser. I used IE, Chrome and Firefox with latest java update. I have Java 8, update 25. I also tried on 3 different computers. I have used both 32 and 64 bit versions of the browsers)

Any clarifications on this, WD? Is this a feature of this product or not? If it is, who can help me? Clearly, the first line tech support is clueless.

This is a WD user forum, not one that they use for direct dialogue with users (aside from stuff that gets escalated by the Moderators when a support ticket is required, which is basically the route you already went by).

But no, it is not currently possible to access an MCM’s shares directly via the site, only via the apps you already got pointed to. For the MCM the WD2Go site is basically just the stepping-stone route so that the app knows where to find the MCM if your IP address isn’t fixed (as is the case for most home users). It is a feature that has been requested by users -  see  here for an example of such request. 

It is something that many people want, but whether it’s technically feasible or possible may be another question entirely on the current set-up that they have.

Ok, thank you. Appreciate the clarification.

Is there anything I can buy from WD or other vendor that can create a “wrapper” around MCM to give me browser access (R/W) to my storage?

Aside from using the WD apps, not really, at least to my knowledge.

There is always using remote access into your network (VPN, remote desktop or suchlike) and going that way, but it’s rather a clumsy and indirect way and will of course depend on the device you’re using locally as to what you can do anyway. 

But fundamentally there is no real browser access to the MCM at all for file work, as the file manager that’s built into the dashboard which is rather limited in what it can do anyway (it’s designed to be used via app and via SMB/NFS). I think it is possible to make the dashboard accessible from the internet-side, but that of course opens a whole can of security worms.

I managed to login, but when i click web file viewer, it says: no volumes found. So, it looks like a security problem, but i don’t know why?

My bad, i went again from start, and it worked. 

One question though, is it possible to open transmission app from remote location?

I am also wondering about the fact, that my shares are not acessable via wd2go using a MCM. The My Cloud devices without mirror have that feature and it seems to work. What is the reason, that it is not possible using a MCM?

Before purchasing the MCM I checked all the features I want to have. And it is essential for me to get access to my cloud mirror via business notebook, hotel or any other devices I am not allowed to install any app or peace of software. Simplest and best way would be wd2go. WD is writing at the knolewdge base following:

Released in April of 2014, The WD My Cloud Mirror is the second Consumer Series Personal Cloud drive. The My Cloud Mirror includes the same features as the WD My Cloud, while introducing RAID functionality.

To say the truth, thats not true. The simple my cloud has that feature and the higher class MCM not.

Thats a joke, I cannot laugh about.

Why is the topic marked with a green hook and stated as solved?

The probem is still existing!

The original question was asking how it can be done, and currently the simple answer is it can’t be. Hence the tick, as the question was answered (at least as far as the OP was concerned).

So to actually do it would need a new feature (or to be accurate a feature which exists on older WD devices but not on newer ones) which should be done via the feature request/ideas forum. And as I mentioned already in my previous post, this has been requested before and if you go via the link in that previous post you can see the request and add your voice to it.

I don’t disagree with you at all that the request would be useful, but my guess would be that WD see the use of the apps as their preferred way to go rather than via the portal website. If you use the apps then you will have full access to the files and folders/shares on your MCM, or at least what you’ve configured the relevant user to have.