Remote access via Samsung Android device

Hi, I have a MyCloud 3TB . It was working fine but since the update in January I cannot see the latest photos which were auto uploaded using the photo app. It says the security certificate is out of date and shows nothing

I can see the older photos on the smart phone.

I can see the photos, or at least most of them via my PC but it asks if I want bypass the security risk which I did. My phone does not ask this

How do I get a new security certificate uploaded


Make sure both the My Cloud firmware and the WD Photo / WD My Cloud mobile apps are updated to their latest versions.

Have you looked under the Public folder? Mine appear under my Google account I have set up.


Thanks for the feed back I will check the apps are up to date but I am sure they are already.Ref Cat0w, I am not sure what you mean.I am looking to get the certificates for the website updated they ran out in February I see

@GordonCook5 I am talking about the photos. Mine are under the Public share and load into my Google account plus upload to Windows Media Player on my computers.

I have nothing to do with the certificate, I am just another user. I ignore it and always have as it always comes up.

Can you post a screen shot of the error? I’m not getting any certificate errors with either WD app on my Android smartphone. Currently using WD My Cloud App 4.4.2 and WD Photo 2.5.0. My Cloud firmware (on two separate My Cloud’s, one local, one remote) is v04.04.02-105.

Thanks for switching to the correct forum
I checked my apps on the Android store and they dont allow me to update so they are current level.

I updated the firmware recently on my mycloud device but I have not LAN access to do this again. I am away from home.

I checked the app and now I dont get access at all it just tells me the date or time or certificate is wrong

Regarding the certificate I checked via Windows and the info there is:

Certificate issued by DigiCert High Assurance CA-3
It shows a valid date 30/1/2013 to 04/02/2016

Like I said its out of date. I seem to get around this in windows PC (windows 7) but I dont get the chance on my Samsung Android device its a Galaxy 3 NEO

How do we get the certificate expiry date fixed ?

When I get back home in a week or so I can try making adjustment eg reinstall the firmware or re log onre register my device.
I have to say this is tedious WD…so many glitches from others I can see now. Had I seen this I probably would not have bought it