Remote Access via iPad to Play All Movie Types

A quick question (possibly already asked many times on this forum???)

Q: How do I access the files on MyCloud remotely from my iPad in order to play movie files of various types?

The WD MyCloud is connected to an ‘access point’ on my Home Network.

I have attempted to use ‘many’ iPhone apps but one can connect via 3G or an internet connection (wifi or otherwise) that is not part of my home network.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Don’t think you can other than using WD’s app.  They have two apps, WD My Cloud and WD Photo.  Use WD My Cloud to connect and see if you can play movies.  Use a wifi network outside of your home network as 3G would be too slow to stream.

The My Cloud app will *only* play files that Apple supports natively.  

If the file is not Apple-compatible, then you’ll first need to download the file into the Cloud app, and then “Open In…” some 3rd party player (like Buzz or somesuch) to play it.

If you have a computer in the middle that its possible for sure,

I use “air video server” ios app to stream to iphone/ipads anywhere in the world… I turn on the middle computer through WOL when needed and thats it. Air video and can cnvert and stream any video to the ios devices…quality is excellent on both 3G, wifi, LTE.