Remote access using WD 2GO, won't show files

Set up the MBL drive on the network just fine.  Updated firmware.  Activated the wife’s Toshiba Thrive tablet just fine…she can access MBL files using the tablet using our home LAN. 

Ran through the WD 2GO process so my wife can access home files remotely.  The process seemed to work…I can log in and see the drive icon.  Click it to go to my shares and files but all I see is:

Shares (2)

Nothing else.  It doesn’t show the files. 

I did the same process for my desktop and was able to remotely access MBL files…just can’t do it from the tablet.  It gets me to the drive icon and shows me there are two shares but that’s it.

Any thoughts?  Tks

How are you tryint to access WD2Go? What OS is that tablet running? If you’re not using a regular computer for access then you’ll need to use the Android/iOS app, a broweser won’t help you.