Remote access to Wd MyCloud

Hello, i was thinking to enter my wd my cloud remotely through port fowarding (and not using the web app).

I opened the port 8082 and used finder to go to my external address:8082. It works because it requires user id and password but I tried any combination and i can’t access.

I tried using smb and doesn’t work (server is not available)… with ftp and http it works but i’m stuck with user id and password (i think that happens because wd does not allow the remote control, since my id and password are valid with the web app)

Is it possible to access the cloud remotely in this way??? Thanks!

Officially? No it is not possible to access the My Cloud in the way you are attempting.

Unofficially? The My Cloud Dashboard generally rejects any attempt at Dashboard access from an IP address outside of the IP address pool it is in. However, there are other ways to access the My Cloud remotely from using insecure FTP to using SFTP to using SSH. For those using the older generation single bay My Clouds that use v4.x firmware they can install and run the CloudDAVMod app. Many if not most of these methods require using SSH to modify the firmware to allow for such access. There are discussions on those options that can be found using the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right. Here are some discussions. Note: WD does not support such unofficial methods of remote access.