Remote access to Twonky Media Server

I got to playing around with the twonky media server. I can access the twonky webrowser from the internet (port-forward 9000). I can even play my files remotely but the ip address has to be entered manually for each file. tedious to do but simple and it works. I can’t get the twonky webbrowser the load the share locations as a static ip. any ideas?

have you tried useing the latest firmware update?

According to my device it has the latest firmware.

Doing some research on the internet shows a ini file change needed to put the DYNDNS address in place of the internal ip address but there is no access to this file and no options within the Media server to allow for this.

Should be a Simple change to allow for this but not sure when or if WD will provide for this.

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How do we updated the Twonky server provided on the Hub to the latest version 6?

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Yes I agree the SOLUTION is for WD to allow the a DYNDNS address to be input by the user as part of the Twonky config. Currently it almost works. The left side naviagation menus work but the list items don’t have access to the IP. I hope this is a simple fix. Should this item be moved to the HUB ideas forum? Update the Twonky server to version 6 and allow and use the external IP for media items list.

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