Remote access to MyCloud limited display

When accessing my 4Tb MyCloud device from a windows 10 laptop it will only display the first 30 folders of my ‘photoarchive’ (should contain around 2750 folders) which I have set up. The remaining files would appear to be there as I tried to create a folder which should already be there and couldn’t as it already existed but not displayed. My documents folder would seem to be listed correctly on a separate part of the drive.

As I read the documentation I should be able to configure the drive remotely as admin, but When I select devices I see the device but cannot access it for any config actions. Unfortunately I am unable to access the drive directly as it is at the other end of the country.

Any ideas?
Many thanks in advance.

If one uses the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) one will find this issue is a common complaint with many past discussions about it. Typically it occurs when using the Chrome web browser. One workaround is to not use Chrome, use another non Chrome based web browser. Another is to follow the suggestions made in the following older discussion post.