Remote access to MBL media files from Kodi, Emby, and XBMC

What is the correct remote access configuration (URL syntax) for HTC apps like Kodi / XBMC, Emby (Media Browser), Sickbeard and Couch Potato to access MBL remotely and use it as their library source - either directly over the internet or via WD2GO

Hello, welcome to the community. Unfortunately I have not done this, lets see if another user can point you in the right direction or can provide some tips.

Th easiest way to create remote access is to using a VPN server/client.   Get a router which has the ability to run a VPN server (like OpenVPN), then install the corresponding VPN client on your Kodi box.  When you are remote, this VPN tunnel will behave exactly as if you were on the local network and all the data will be accessible.

Alternatively, you can change the config file of your DLNA client (Twonky most likely) so that it talks to the outside world and also set up a port forward rule on the router.  This config manipulation is a bit complicated - i gave up after trying it a few times.