Remote access to itunes and iphoto access on MBL

Hi to all,

how are these libraries displayed with the app of western digital?
Let me try to explain better: I’m outta home and I’d like to remotely access with iphone/ipad to the itunes / iphoto library which is on the My Book Live connected to the router at home. First I have to move the two libraries from the mac to the My Book Live (MBL).

Then, the problem is that the iphoto library is organized in a strange way and if I don’t use iPhoto software I cannot display its various events properly, so, on iphone/ipad if I simply use a file explorer I can’t browse among photos as they appear if I used the iphoto software on mac.
With the app that Western Digital offers the contents of the iPhoto library are displayed as a normal file manager or as iphoto events organization?
For the itunes library browsing in the folders is more intuitive, the songs are stored by artist name and album, but when I use Western Digital app to browse remotely do I have to open song by song, or there is a music player to listen entire album or playlist without having to select each song from time to time?


Hi, the pictures will appear with a normal file manager interface. You can use other MP3 players to play your music, but not all of them support the option to play continuously, you need to check which ones work for you, since the only supported one is the My Cloud MP3 player.