Remote access temporally unavailable when HDD sleeos

When I log in locally via app or PC I can access my drive normally & even when I use the app remotely over 3G or 4G this work fine too most the time,
What I have noticed is if I have not used the drive for probably a day or 2 then try to remotely access it, it shows drive offline and I am unable to access it, on a few occasions I keep pulling down page on the app to refresh & eventually I connect remotely via app but most time it stays offline until I get back home & connect locally via app then if I turn off my WiFi & connect using my mobile network it works straightaway,
So I’m thinking it must me stuck in a sleep mode so my question is how do I resolve this minor issue is it down to one of the settings,
In setting/general/Energy Saver I have drive sleep on could this be the problem causing drive to stay asleep sometimes not realising it needs to wake up when o try to cloud access it should I turn it off will this have a impact on my drive,
Or should I use the power schedule to turn off for a couple hours during the night in a bid to keep drive active every day,
Or should I turn on cloud dashboard access so I can try to access dashboard remotely to try to wake up drive that way
I have tried to search for a solution to this but I keep only finding threads with no access at all not my issue with temp access restriction due to drive or device failure to get up from sleep mode in remote access

Give them a call. They use the error messages from your phone mycloud app.