Remote Access Screen is Missing


I need some help and would like to know if anyone can help me with my weird problem.

I had just bought the My book Live and was carrying out the installation.  It went smoothly and I was in the dashboard.

I was creating some share names, etc, playing around with the menus and out of sudden I was kicked out from the dashboard, back into the main login screen asking for owner password.  I entered the correct password but I was not able to go back to the dashboard…

Thinking something is wrong, I made a physical reset on the unit itself and install the software again.  Fine I am able to go into the dashboard but after half an hour or so, I was kicked out again…

I tried to switched off the firewall from my router and my anti-virus software but I am not able to get into the dashboard again…although I can map to the drive.

Thinking again that due to some “errors” I had created, I reset the unit again and this time when I am back into the dashboard, my remote access screen is missing???  This is strange?  All other drop down menu are working fine but the remote access menu is missing??

What had I done wrong?  Pls help.

Dude, I’d say something is wrong in here and I’d give a call to WD in this one…


Thanks…I called the support and was troubleshooting with them for almost 2 days and realized that my unit is defective.

I had changed a new one since it’s only 3 days old.

Currently I am no longer facing issue with the login for the past 2 days.  Keeping my fingers crossed.