Remote access question

      I am considering purchacing an EX4 to replace an HP Media server 495. The thing I need to know is does the EX4 allow me to use remote access to other computers on the network and not just to the EX4? My HP allows me to look at a computers desktop through my web browser. I can run programs on the pc in the office from home. I have read the manual and it seems that it may be possible to do this but I am unsure. Thanks for your help in advance.

No, EX4 does not offer any built-in VNC server functionality.

Thanks for your responce. Does WD make any NAS boxes that do have remote access to clients on the network? Or should I be looking somewhere else? Cost is a factor. I do not want to spend over 1,000.00 dollars.


I can’t think of any NAS vendor offering this functionality. That isn’t exactly a NAS’s functionality anyway. Unless I’m misunderstanding you, you’re looking for Remote Desktop access to multiple computers on a network (i.e. logging TO those other computers via Remote Desktop) from outside via the NAS server. But that is not a NAS’ functionality. A NAS’s core functionality is to provide storage to the network, not Remote Desktop access to other computers on that network.

I understand what a NAS box is supposed to do. But the EX4 has a lot of server functions. It can be a file server or an FTP server etc. Is there anything that WD sells that has Remote Access (VNC) server functions? I guess this feature died when Windows Home server was discontinued.

No WD products that I am aware of offers a VNC server functionality.

You may be right - this feature may have died when Windows Home Server was discontinued. However, you can install a free software like TeamViewer on all your computers and allow them to be controlled remotely - and then you can install TeamViewer on your external computer and connect to them. But it’s not going to work via a browser - you will need to install the software on the external computer. But shouldn’t require any additional setup beyond protecting each of the computers with a password.